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Many thanks to all of you for visiting the page.  I do hope that you will be able to join us in the cause.  Any number of items that you can contribute is much appreciated, and it will make a big difference to the recipients.
I am waiting for confirmation of other agencies and requests of their needs and requirements, so I know that this is only the beginning, and there is a lot more to be done.

For those visiting outside of the NYC area, it is possible that there may be a chapter/spin-off in your state or area.  Current spin-offs are the in the following states, Australia, Canada, and Denmark.  For complete information, this is the link to the list of current spin-offs.  If you’re on Facebook, this is the link to the FB page of spin-offs.

AUSTRALIA – Australia’s Hats for Hope; Woonona, NSW
CALIFORNIA – Lyn’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Fremont, CA
Mandy’s Hats for Hope Initiative California; Fresno, CA
DENMARK – Eva’s Hats for Hope Initiative-Denmark; Kobenhavn, Danmark
FLORIDA – Boca Hats for Hope; Pompano Beach, FL
IDAHO – Donna’s Idaho Hats for Hope Initiative; Moscow, ID
Javene’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Boise, ID
IOWA – Iowa’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Davenport, IA
ILLINOIS – Illinois Valley Hats for Hope; Oglesby, IL
Kathy’s Hats for Hope Initiative Illinois; Fairmount, IL
INDIANA – Indiana’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Fortville, IN
KANSAS – Kansas Hats for Hope Initiative; Salina, KS
KENTUCKY – Jessie’s Hats for Hope KY; Greensburg, KY
MASSACHUSETTS – Beth’s Hats for Hope Initiative: Massachusetts; Franklin, MA
MAINE – Maine’s Hats for Hope Initiative; South Paris, ME
MICHIGAN – Millie’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Dearborn Heights, MI
MISSOURI – Ozarks Hats for Hope Initiative: Missouri; Springfield, MO
NEBRASKA – Nebraska’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Omaha, NE
NEW HAMPSHIRE – Christina’s Hats for Hope Initiative New Hampshire; Salem, NH
NEW JERSEY – Linda’s Hats for Hope Initiative: Atlantic County, NJ; Absecon, NJ
Marie’s Hats for Hope Initiative: Ocean County, NJ: Brick, NJ
NORTH CAROLINA – Tammy’s Hats for Love North Carolina; Lexington, NC
OHIO – Cleveland’s Hats for Hope Initiative: OH; Cleveland, OH
OKLAHOMA – Becca’s Hats for Hope: OK;  Wynona, OK
ONTARIO, CANADA – Ontario’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Collingwood, ON, Canada
PENNSYLVANIA – PA Knitting Ninjas for Hope; Philadelphia, PA
SOUTH CAROLINA – South Carolina’s Hats for Hope Initaitive; Conway, SC
TENNESSEE – Suzanne’s Hats for Hope Initiative TN; Chattanooga, TN
TEXAS – North Texas Hats for Hope Initiative; Flower Mount, TX
VIRGINIA-RICHMOND – Ree’s Needle Arts for Hope Initiative; Chesterfield, VA
VIRGINIA-COEBURN – Leticia’s Hats for Hope Virginia; Coeburn, VA
WASHINGTON – Washington’s Hats for Hope Initiative; Hoquiam, W

If you would like to help out in your state, you are most welcome to do so. 

For those inspired to head a spin-off in your state or area, please contact the main headquarters, Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative for more information.

And I would ask one more favour from you … that you help spread the word to others, to help in keeping one warm, one person, one hat at a time.


6 thoughts on “Spread the Word

  1. Thank you so much for including Javene’s Hat’s for Hope Initiative-Idaho. It is so wonderful to be a part of this wonderful cause and have talked to wonderful new friends.

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