NYC-HHI Hat: No. 2 – Ribbed Band

Here’s the second hat design.  A basic half double crochet all around, and then a two-three inch ribbed band.

Update:  here’s a better picture of the hat.  Justin is modeling the hat, and of course had to style it his way 🙂

You can see the tweed blue colour better in this picture.


Sorry about the photo and colours – the colors are actually a tweed blue, not grey.  When I get a better photo in daylight, I’ll replace this pic, but I wanted to get this up right away. (impatient, aren’t I?)


The knit version will be a stockinette stitch all around, and then ribbed for the bottom third of the hat.  I’ll try to knit one up, but as I crochet faster than I knit, so the knit version might not be till next week.

Any thoughts on this?


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