NYC-HHI Hat: No. 4 – Ridged Hat

I wanted a textured pattern that would also look good worked in one colour, two colours, or in variegated yarn like this.  I couldn’t quite get the design to work out like I wanted to, but I think I’ve finally gotten the effect that I’m looking for.

This is single crochet on the top.  The body is worked in alternating rows of front sc, ch in next stitch, and then one row of sc all around.


Not sure if you can see that clearly in this close-up photo.


This is a variation of the pattern.  This is done in half double crochet for the top.  The ridges are alternating rows of front hdc and hdc.


It works well with the self-striping yarn, but I think it will also work if done in one colour.  The ridges will provide enough texture for the design to come out.

What do you think of these ones?


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