The Winning NYC-HHI Hat Design is …

The votes are in … the Single Ribbed Hat is the official NYC-HHI hat stitch design.  I showed my office colleagues the choices and they voted for Hat No. 1.

The official colour is teal, which can be combined with another colour in the design.  I’ve been working on a sample of the hat and trying to write down the pattern as well.  I wasn’t going to show anything until the big reveal but … So far, I’ve frogged it four times already, and it’s not working out right, and I don’t want to keep you all in suspense.

This was last night, as I thought I had finally gotten all the numbers right.



This is today, sitting in traffic on the bus, on the way to work … I had frogged up to the second white stripe, and started again.

It was so much easier when I made it the first time, somehow it all worked out, with little or no adjustment.  Now that I’m writing down the pattern, suddenly, the hat is too small, the hat is too big, the stitches don’t work out …. ay-yaaayyyy!

I don’t remember making so many adjustments the first time!

I’ll be working on it again on the bus ride home tonight … maybe the pattern will cooperate and I’ll have something more tomorrow …

Stay tuned …


5 thoughts on “The Winning NYC-HHI Hat Design is …

  1. LOL!!! Been there, done that! First time is a breeze, then i have to struggle to get it repeatable. Good luck with that! I know it will work out good for you, and I am eagerly waiting for the patern!

  2. I tried a couple ribbed hat designs and worked then out on paper first with a drawing. Starting with the first wagon wheel of 12(or 10) stitches and figuring out where I wanted to add the ribs. It worked out great and I had the diagram in my head when I crocheted it. I used a pencil for any regular stitch and a pen for the rib add-ons. Very visual and easy to read. And.. easy to write instruction off of too.

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