The NYC-HHI Hat Reveal

The NYC-HHI Hat reveal:


Apologies it’s taken so long to post this; there was an unexpected rush of activities, and I didn’t want to rush posting this with half the information.

Here’s what I plan for the hat:

Design: single ribs and stripes
Colour: Teal/Blue-Green
Variations on the NYC-HHI Hat:
1) solid teal colour, in any design/pattern of your choosing;
2) teal and other colour; main colour is teal; accent colour can be in any other colour; in any design/pattern of your choosing;
3) the NYC-HHI hat design, in any colour.

Here’s variations on the pattern/design, modeled by son, Justin:

Variegated yarn works well with the design; the stripes will line up nicely.  Solid colours work well too; it shows up the ribbed texture.

The pattern is being written up.  I’ve been too ambitious, writing up a pattern for the first time.  I hope to iron that out and post it up in a couple of days.

Thanks for your help and support.


12 thoughts on “The NYC-HHI Hat Reveal

  1. Wonderful! I am glad you have settled on this look. It is lovely! Will you be putting size variations with the pattern? I use an H hook and with a 10 HDC circle to start and a finished round of 60 sts. I get a med/large hat, snug fit., With a 12 st beginning I get a large looser fitting hat with a 72 st finish. I want to use your pattern and adapt it to the tightness of the stitches I do. I just CAN’T seem to crochet loose!

  2. I like the hat but I do not know the pattern and it is not included with the picture and blog. Where can I find it?

    • Hi Linda – I’m still writing up the pattern. I’ll post it when I’ve made sense of the scribbles I made! Stay tuned! Thanks for your support.

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