King Gopher, THD

Here’s a cause that was brought to my attention, and although it’s not for the homeless, I was immediately hooked when I read that hats and scarves were needed for gifts for children who had lost their hair due to their medical conditions.  Best of all, it’s being given to them by King Gopher – a therapy and helping dog!  Isn’t that wonderful?


HRH King Gopher, THD


I know that you’re all busy these days with your Christmas gifts and other personal causes.  But in between the soon to come hectic chaos, one can whip up a hat and scarf set for a child in green and purple colours (two of my favourite colours, by the way!)


Image courtesy of HRH King Gopher

Complete details on the cause can be found here.

I’m off to dig through my stash – I know I have green and purple yarn in the boxes somewhere.

Hope you join me.



5 thoughts on “King Gopher, THD

  1. Hello, I will soon have several hats, scarves and one lovely sweater to send your way for the homeless. Where do I send them?

    Also, I will forward your note below for the gifts for children to our local group. Here is hoping we will have a package for them a.s.a.p..

    Miriam Stewart Clermont Needlers Clermont, FL

    • Thanks very much, Miriam!
      Looking forward to seeing your creations.

      And yes, we do hope that there’s a package from your local group.
      Thank you for spreading the word.

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