6 Boxes

IMG_7952 I got notifications that I had six boxes to be picked up.  wow – the six boxes were here.  Lisa O had told me that she had shipped off six boxes to NYCHHI.  I was excited to see what was in it.

We unloaded them, and Justin decided he wanted to play jenga with them.  Silly boy.

But I couldn’t open them right away – I had to wait until the weekend to open them up.  I wanted to take my time to enjoy going through the boxes, and not rush through them.

Want to know what’s inside?  Here they are … Ready?

… 32 baby hats … and a blanket/afghan.  Don’t you just love those colours?


… 8 scarves  …


… and granny squares … and a skein of yarn to join them together.


How many granny squares?  206.  Yep.  206 of them – I counted them all.

Joining party, anybody?












One thought on “6 Boxes

  1. I actually find it soothing to join squares, or motifs, and watch a blanket grow. Wish I lived closer or it was economical to have it sent to me and then sent back to you .. =( .. I’m waiting on a shipment of yarn to start making my hats for this cold season. Seems like it’s late but I work quickly and I donate then locally so it’s not that bad to start this late. Happy colors! Love what was in the boxes!

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