The items can either be knitted, crocheted, or knit-loomed.
Note that these are guidelines to help you get started.  The finished product does not have to be strictly these measurements, but it will help sort out to whom the item can be given to.
It would also be appreciated if the hats can be finished off, ready for handing out.  Please weave in ends, tie off threads, etc.

Design:  any design or pattern

Colour:  any colour.
Do keep in mind that we will be making items for men, women and children.
So if possible, please choose colours  as appropriate, for example, bright, child-friendly colours for children’s items.

Your choice of yarn – except ANGORA.
It is suggested to use acrylic yarn, as they are affordable, wearable, and easy to take care off.
Wool items (but NO ANGORA) are also appreciated; however, remember that these will need extra care, so do factor in for shrinkage, etc.
If you want to use novelty yarns, for example eye-lash fur, fun fur, ribbons, etc., please pair it with a worsted/dk yarn.  This will make the hat form better, and more importantly, be warm for the wearer.
**Suggestion:  for baby/children’s hats, you can also use a thinner or finer  gauge yarn, such as sock yarns.  They provide more stretch for the children’s heads, and lighter for them too.

Size large:  6.0 – 6.5 inches across the top/crown; at least 8-10 inches long;
Size medium:  5.5 – 6.0 inches across the top/crown;  at least 7-9 inches long;
Size small:  5.0 – 5.5 inches across the top/crown; at least 6-7 inches long;
Size child:  4.0 – 5.0 inches across the top/crown; at least 5-6 inches long;
Size toddler:  3.0 – 4.0 inches across the top/crown; at least 4-5 inches long;
** Suggestion:  try the hat on yourself, or a child, or an adult male, to see how it fits.  A hat will always find a head to fit, but this will mostly be in the child to medium sizes.
If a hat cannot fit on a toddler’s head, then chances are that it is too small for a baby as well.  Adjust the crown size and make it a half inch bigger.
If the hat is too big or loose for an adult male, then it is too big for anybody. Adjust the crown size and make it a half inch smaller.

Size adult:  at least 60 inches long; 6-7 inches wide;
Size child:  at least 54 inches long;  5-6 inches wide;
Size toddler:  at least 48 inches long; 4-5 inches wide;

Size adult
Size child

**Suggestion:  you can also buy gloves (from the 99-cent stores; or ask any of your local stores if they are looking to get rid of last year’s inventory stock of gloves and winter items, and if they would consider donating to the cause instead).  Make a hat and scarf to match to glove colours, and you have a set.

Recommended sizes for completed blankets are :

Size baby/toddler:  small – 18″-20″ square;  large – 30″-36″ square;
Size child: 42″ x 48″
Size adult:  48″ x 72″
You can also send completed 6-inch granny squares, and a group will join them together to make the blankets.


Yarn donations are also appreciated.  If you need to de-stash your supply, please consider donating to the cause.  The yarn will be distributed to other members who need yarn to make the items.

Gift cards help off-set the cost of supplies.  Gift cards from Wal-Mart, Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby are appreciated.  Note that we cannot accept cash or checks.

Send all completed items to:

NYC Hats for Hope Initiative
c/o 361 Westervelt Pl
Lodi, NJ  07644

Thank you for your help and support of this cause.


11 thoughts on “Guidelines

    • Hi Phyllis,
      You can use a regular brown box to ship them thru USPS – that will also be cheaper than using the flat-rate boxes.
      Depending on the number and size of the sets, you can also use a large bubble envelope.
      Thanks for your help and support.

  1. I accidentally made a bunch of 8 inch squares.the guidelines call for 6 inch squares. What should I do? The 8 inch squares are colorful. I hope you can use them.

  2. I have some scarves ready to mail. Do they need to be in individually put in Ziploc bags? And do I include a note with my name and address?
    Thanks, Rochelle

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