Send a Request for Items

Any person, organization or agency may request for items.

Please send a written request to the email address (, or post in the comments below, with the following information:

– Name of agency/organization;
– Contact person and contact info;
– Item needed/Number requested;
– Due date (if applicable);

We will let you know how we can help with your request.


2 thoughts on “Send a Request for Items

  1. Good Morning,

    Our Church, Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church Feeds the Community every year for Thanksgiving. We provide a bag of Thanksgiving essentials like Turkey, stuffing, vegetables and a few other items to get families through their Thanksgiving holiday. Last year we provided food for 1,000 families and this year we will be providing for 1,200 Families. This year we wanted to add in something extra for the families by providing Hats, Gloves & Scarves. I am not sure if there is a maximum amount that we can request but we will take the minimum that you can provide to us so that we can be a blessing to the families in our community.

    We thank you advance for your contributions.
    Be blessed.

    Organization: Union Grove Church
    Contact Person: Michelle Tramble Office-718-328-1455 Cell-917-743-0025
    Items Needed: Hats-200
    Due Date-11/20/2015

    • Thanks very much for your message, and apologies that I’m seeing this late. I will get a box together, although it will arrive late. Hope you can still use it.

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